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counter-strike only 60 fps.. please help !!

I have a geforce fx 5200 with 81.98 drivers *the newest drivers* with the new drivers my counter-strike doesn't run over 60 fps. i had older drivers and they had refresh rate overrides. i don't see that in these drivers. i see where you can select your res and refresh rate but thats for the desktop and in game it doesn't work. I tried using nvrefreshtool but that doesn't work with newer drivers. how do i get it for its 85 fps in cs? if i use the overrides in these drivers. tell me how. all i see is "add new refreshrate" click on that. i type in 1024x768 at 16 bit color. switch to that and start the game. still 60 fps. im totally lost here.


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Well, have you tried turning off Vsync in the CS options? Also, you can try Coolbits 2.0... which will unlock some options for you in the driver panel.

On a side note, why is it such a big deal if you get only 60fps versus 85? The human eye can't see the difference.....


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If you have Vsync on your FPS will max out at your refresh rate, and if that happens to be 60hz (LCD panels) then you will only get 60fps.
well yah i mean refresh rate.. but it also gives you 85 fps in it.. and yes i can tell.. feels a little more laggy.. and when i turn off v sync it tears. i get 100 some fps but it tears. i would get my old drivers back but they were making it go to like 20 fps heh..


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I dont see how the hell you can tell.... but whatever. Try using Coolbits 2.0 to unlock the driver options. From there you can do Vsync overrides as well as refresh rate tweaks.

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