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I have the original Half Life Generations CD and was just wondering (considering its' age) whether CounterSrike and others (such as TeamFortress) are worth getting hold of and playing?

Im thorougly enjoying playing Enemy Territory at the moment...does CounterStrike / TeamFortress compare well to this?


In my opinion Counter strike is far better than any of the similar games out now, maybe not graphically since as we all know its quite dated, but the game is well balanced and its got awesome acuracy.

I like enemy territory but I think its a bit off on accuracy, you can never truly get a head shot.

I strongly advice you try CS, to this day i have not been able to find something that can replace it.


I would haveto agree. I'd highly recommand checking out two excellent mods by the name of: Day of Defeat (DoD) and Natural Selection (NS)


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find good servers to play on... most public servers have hackers present... :(

cs 1.6 is nice to play :) beta it may be... but it has some nice stuff..

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The fonts may seem rediculously large, but they are definatly an improvement, the shield is a damn hoot, tho I rarely use the new weapons...


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CS is the best by far...of course too many hackers but what are you gonna do. Enemy Territory is good but too much like a game.
CS is as good as it gets and worth the time to play.

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At least valve are making an effort to fight it... very very strict now is VAC, will ban you for anything that hooks onto the client .dll

inc hlamp etc.

vac is regularly updated too

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