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Counter Strike Demo Reel

[font=tahoma, verdana, arial, helvetica]Anyone here know anything about making Demo Reels? Also if its possible to take one and make it play in .wmv format instead of people having to open it up in Counter Strike?

If anyone is good with this kind of thing msg me in return Im willing to send some $ your way if you can help me out.

hey this is what forums are for, ok ready here i go.......


That to get it to a .avi. Once you have your avi's, you need video vegas or adobe permire. They noth have free trials for a month. Well use one or both of these programs for your editing. Once you have your .avi of say when you get a headshot, make that one clip into a avi with the .bmps. Say there another time you played that you like then make that into another .avi. And combine then in vegas or permire. Then add audio and effects. If you are looking to make a cs movie, i can do it for you for a cost of a cd from available games. Please messenge me in you would like me to mabye make your clan a video or some cool stuff.
Yea im looking for a clan video. Thanks so much! Anything you want just name it , we been dieing to get one done. If you got aim let me know and I can send you the demo and u can edit it to do something clan ish I will appreciate it.

Thank you !

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