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Counter-Strike: Create Game w/ router...help!

Id like to use my computer as a quasi-server to play a private game (ie use "Create Game") but I dont know exactly what to give as the ip to those who want to join..

I use a router, which is what poses the problem... i know what my network ip is, and I think I know what my "core IP" is (that from the ISP to myself)... but I dont know if that core ip is that of my router (in which case... how do I point to this computer) or if it is this computer itself (and if so, what ports to use... because I could use the cs default of 27015, or 43620, which is what I caught in the console when I tried to create a game before)

any ideas?
to put it simply without disgustingly overdescribing as I did... yes

and I have tried port forwarding (sending 27015 requests to the network ip) and setting up this computer as the DMZ... but neither has worked (I may not have done them right)


what router do u have? cause i know when i bought mine i went on the site and read the FAQ and a question was "How do i play Counter Strike with my Router?" so it showed me step by step what i need to do and everything.
have uPnP on here... fixed problem too, now everything works smüv

used port forwarding... all ports 0 to 43620, which was the trick that worked (I close them after Im finished) which covered the default of 27015 and the weird number I saw of 43620 (didnt open up to this number the first time)

so its all good now :D


So Upnp fixes that?

I've been trying to get a Counter-Strike server up, but I'm on a Netgear MR814. Is there a step by step procedure to do this?
uPnP actually didnt do anything for me... this is for progs that will automatically configure themselves to be used thru a router (ie windows/msn messenger, among other things)

I set it up manually... I dont know how to get into the interface on a netgear router...you might be able to find out how in a faq or knowledgebase on website, or check the docs that came with it

1. open router interface, and go to port forwarding section

2. determine your network IP, and set port requests 0-43620 for both UDP and TCP to point towards that address (so should be something like 0-43620 points to

3. send your global IP to your buds (try www.whatismyip.com) w/ "27015" tacked on the end after a colon (ie

4. start the game, and then they can join in just as if they were playing on any other online server

hope that helps some - that is what I do now, and seems to work fine. but when you are finished, be sure to close those ports again, to make sure no psychotic demons crawl through into your puter :eek:


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I havent done this before, but I think you need to use the 'Port forwarding' option in your router configurations.
All you need to do is enter the IP for the computer you are hosting the game on, then change the port number(s) if required.


I tried doing the Port Forwarding on using 27015. I tried the IP address, and it didn't work.

Do I need to set it to 1-43620 to get it to work?


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No. but you can try that. Should work if you set it to 27015, unless you have a firewall running, which maybe blocking incoming traffic.
I think so... I tried opening to just 27015 before (as I wrote higher in this thread) but it didnt work...

I was watching the console as I connected to a server, or tried to host before, or something...regardless, I saw 43620 tacked onto the end of my global IP...

opened up the port forwarding to 43620, and it worked... I dont know what that number is for (lol) but it works, so ok

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