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24 Dec 2001
Hey. I am experiencing this weird problem. My friend sent me the IP to a really nice server. So I copy it, then head into game, add server, but nothing comes out. I open a text program, and anything that I can use text, and I hit ctrl+v and nothing happens.

I can click my icons while holding control and they work. I can copy and paste text without going into Counter-Strike ant it works.

But its like when I go into Counter-Strike and hit ctrl+v, its like it clears out my clipboard. Any ideas?
You need to make a shortcut on your desktop, or wherever. Here is an exaple of mine:

"E:\Halflife\hl.exe" -game cstrike -numericping -nojoy -noipx +connect <INSERT IP HERE>

Easy ;)

or use gamespy :)

/me is still having trouble with HL and CS under XP -- check out the thread "The ultimate Half Life Problem" to help :D
or ...

go to console type in connect (sever ip address) & the hit enter !

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