Counter-strike 1.6 Delayed

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Benny: teh steam you are using will no longer work

This new version will be Steam 2.0 and will be even better, and oh, ,still free to teh freeloaders.


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the buy script part of it would probably comply wit hte OGL rules, however, the switching weapons, radio commands, probably would not.

# What's LEGAL / NOT considered Cheating:

* Counter-Strike must be played as packaged from the CS team, either downloaded or boxed.
* Buy scripts are legal
* Modifying the color text in the console IS LEGAL
* Boosting with ONE teammate is LEGAL
* It is legal to boost with ONE other player to plant a bomb in a hard to access area. If a team uses more than one other player to boost with it is considered illegal. If the opposing team only has one player left and cannot reach the bomb due to not having another player to reach the bomb's location with, it is still considered a legal bomb plant.

# What IS ILLEGAL / IS considered Cheating:

* Non-original (i.e., NOT in the original download pak) skins, models, sprites, scripts (unless specifically stated here) are ILLEGAL.
* The CS Realism pack is considered ILLEGAL.
* Bunnyhopping, or "strafe jumping" that allows you to move EXTREMELY fast through the map is ILLEGAL.
* Grenade scripts (those that BUY, ARM and TOSS bound to a single key) are ILLEGAL.

so the answer would be that script would be considered legal if only used to buy items, everything else in it though would be illegal. Sorry Lithium, but you probably want to pass on that script though it looks uber kewl.



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just make sure u only use the buy script part of it, if you don't and go into a match and we forfiet case of it I will not be happy



yeah im using that script right now its cool but i wont use the nades part of it anymore i just wanted to check it out its a cool script alot better than the one i was using....yeah lol thanks ice


i wonder if the High FPS skins are legal on OGL they are on clan base they are the original ones actually just with detail taken out look the same but not as good.just worse quality to better performance is all. is a good spot for a buy script 87 i got a few things from there actually went originally for the weapon name fix since i use CS retail

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