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Cound Thermal Compound be missing?



Hey all got another question...

When I got my motherboard and CPU, I asked the people I was buying it off if they could install the CPU onto the motherboard to save me the trouble.

My question is:

"Does the AMD Athlon XP 2100 CPU Retail come with some type of thermal compound???"

They installed the heatsink that came with the CPU, but I can't seem to remember if they put any type of thermal compound underneath it.

The reason I am asking this question is because my CPU seems to be running hot!!! I can't get it to cool down. I placed my CPU right by my AC duct and my motherboard temp is at 20-25. CPU temp goes anywhere from 45-60. (Down from 70s, thx God!!!)

I'll be getting a grease load stuff (fans, good heatsink, grills) in a few days, but I want to know if I even have any thermal compound at all.


CPUIdle makes your Athlon turn into a Pentium 4 :/

It pretty much restricts how much of your cpu processing power you are allowed to use. (Sounds like Pentium 4 Burst Technology to me). I run Folding@Home so I am always at load (47 degrees ain't bad =) and when i ran TaskManager to see why it was folding so slowly, i saw that CPUIdle was using 50% of my system resources (placing it in reserve rather than actually utilising it) so that Folding@Home was essentially running at about 45% rather than 90-95% that is usually what it gets.

Yeah, it'll cool down your system but only because you now have a Pentium 4... We all want that now don't we???

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