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Could you imagine a 1gb v/card


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It is still only 512Mb addressable.

There are only 2 1GB products AFAIK, ati's FIREGL came first, Nvidia followed with a 1 GB Quadro product.

No consumer cards are currently 1 GB.
Yeah, that card has 2 GPUs on it, so each one has 512mB.

It's a single X16 slot SLI config. They plan on running those in pairs so you get quad SLI if you can find a MB that will fit 2.


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even sli is pointless, no games are even designed to use so much power, games and gpus go hand in hand for a reason... only occasionally do you get a game that actually pushes the boundaries, where a new gpu design is needed to run it.

But quad sli, that's like by a lambo or a ferrari in a city, its nice to look at but beyond that its of no use.

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