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Could it be my PSU?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Can a PSU wear out? I got the side of my tower opened and I am trying to figure out why hd's will boot on one occasion, and not the next time. On boot up, the BIOS will ID all the drives installed everytime, but not boot into windows, Now while trying second or third time, it will. It seems that it will boot while I am moving the power wires to the drives around. I have tried all the other connectors on the boot HD, with the same results. How can I test the PSU? I have unplugged all other unneeded drives and fans with the same effect and results. Thanks in advance.



Overclocked Like A Mother

Now, it is not booting at all into the HD( Windows). I have continued testing, thinking it is the PSU. I removed PSU and installed my old one. Still will not boot into windows. I have tried to install a fresh unused HD to reinstall Windows into that one, again it gets recognized at startup BIOS, will load necssary files from CD, but will not boot in the HD. Different PSU, different HD, same results. I am not getting any errors come up from Bios, and I can go into BIos still, but nothing from the HD, either from my ata controller card or directly of IDE slots on mobo. Controller card gets recognized at startup as well. Tried the primary secondary IDE slot switch as well to no effect. Could it be my Mobo???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Overclocked Like A Mother

Well now, after further testing by swapping known good parts with one another either from within the PC, or from another PC, The only thing is left is the mobo. Oh well.


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