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could i do this w/my digital camera

m y digital camera can take quicktime movies and then you can edit it. so i was thinking that maybe I can get a quicktime file on my computer then put it on my memory stick then i could watch the movie on my digital cameras (lcd screen). wow that would be cool. especially b/c those new memory sticks that can hold 32gb are coming out and then i could use my camera as a movie player!
I doubt your camera supports new cards of that size. Imagine how quick you would waste away your batteries watching a movie.


I may actually be insane.
Nicks got a point, newer memory wont go into/on new hardware most of the time.

I know on my camera i can transfer a film TO the smart media then watch it on the camera, but it has to be encoded the same as the camer would have recorded it, and be no longer than 20 seconds (which the the amount it can record)
mine can record utnil the stick is full and my camera uses a new format called MEMORY STiCK pRO if you didn't know about that, then search for it your self nick

Allright, that's rather cool. 1GB is hot, although I can only imagine it's low price.

I thought of the AC adapter, but why would you want to wear our your screen and your eyes like that, watching full movies on it.

If you still want to, I'm not sure how to convert, I think Speedy B might know.

The Memory Stick PRO format integrates new technologies and features including:
* High Capacity - On a 1GB card, users can enjoy and record approximately:

* 16 CDs (calculated at 64MB per CD)
* 385 JPEG images in 5.0-megapixel quality, more than 10 rolls of 24/36 film.
* 24 minutes of DVD quality video (MPEG2)
* Six hours of MPEG4 (384Kbps) moving images
Very nice. But if it can't play anything but mpeg 2, you're a bit screwed, plus, that's for the 1 GB card.

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