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Corsair XMS Twinx1024-3200XL Pro Memory


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I have a package of the above Memory that I am think of selling, I`ve been using it for about 6 months, it`s never been overclocked etc. and it`s been scanned with Memtest and come back clean. Unfortunatly I want to move up to 2GB of Memory and the stupid big a$$ zalman cooler I`m using covers one of the Memory Slots and make it unusable, so I`m going to pick up a 2GB package and completly remove the current 1GB one.

I know that this package goes for about $330 Can. but I cannot find them on a U.S. dealers site for the life of me, I can find lots of CL2 models which got for $120+ usually but nothing on the XL with the 2-2-2-5 Latency.

I`m hoping to get at least $220 US for them, does that sound reasonable, and is anybody here interested before I put them on ebay, if so keep in mind that I won`t be able to ship until next week sometime.



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If you weren't able to find them on a USA retailer site, how about a link to them on a Canadian site?

I may be interested :)


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Sure, this is the same place I bought them originally, and about the only place I can find them anymore. I have checked numerous retailers but all anybody seems to carry is the CL or LL models and not the XL.

*Please Note the the Picture on the site is not the same product as the description, it is similar except that the ones I have are of course DDR and not DDR2 and are black not silver*

As you can see they are retailing right now for $300+GST which brings them up to around $321 CAD.
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