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18 Dec 2001
I recently formatted the wrong partition on my pc with all my mp3s etc.I used Easy recovery proffesional and got them all back.But most of the files wont play,i get an error message off media player C00D1199: Cannot play the file,any sugguestions on this one.Also some of the mp3's are not the track what its supposed to be.Have i lost the lot??Please help me if you can.:cry:
Try playing them in a different program to see if you can get an error message that at least makes a bit more sense. Cannot play the file is not really descriptive. I suggest VLC, or maybe Winamp. VLC when run from the cmd.exe will output many messages, including ones that could be used to help find a solution to your problem.
Downloaded winamp 5.3 lite,and it just plays the file,all messed up.No messages or am i doing something wrong.Thanks
Cant anyone help me on this...Im desperate! Ive got near 9gigs of corrupted files and i dont want to format it until ive tryed all avenues.Thanks people.:cry: :cry:
You may wish to try using a program along the lines of NewLive All Media Fixer ( There are probably free alternatives out there but I haven't needed to use any such programs so I can't point you in their direction or even say how the program I mentioned will work. It's worth a shot.

Tryed the above,but didnt help at all.Thanks anyway.Anymore sugguestions Please.Thanks
king try looking for an mp3 to wav convertor, perhaps then the files will be fixed in the conversion, and then just convert them all back to mp3's again.
sorry to tell you but any decoder should be able to play mp3 files correctly, let alone something like winamp. the files are corrupt. re-encoding them won't help as in order for something to be encoded it must be decoded first. since it can't be decoded correctly it'll either end up with an unplayable file, part of the file or sound the same as whatever "messed up" means in post #3

sorry :(

you'll have to rip and encode them again
i doubt he ripped them in the first place :)
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Looks like im going to have to rip them all again! :)
hmmm yeah the word -off comes to mind here as in ***-off :) haha

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