correct multiplier for a PIV 2.6HT


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24 Jan 2004
yea can i get the default fsb and mulitplier speed for this computer thx...=). the reason i ask this is becauze im at my gf place and i myself is an AMD user and if my presumtion is right, this computer is running at half of the speed? look at the screenshot below... i have used cpuid to check and i am right. Im just not sure maybe the 1.3 showing thet other HT e.g. cpu 1 is running at 2.6 whilst the second logical cpu is running at 1.3.


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no, that is reading the chip id correctly, however, it is underclocked. check a couple times, it may just be misreading, otherwise make sure that the bios, everything is set to auto.
so is it underclocked by half then? i cant set to an auto seting at default. I have an Aopen motherboard. The fsb was at 100 x 13 = 1300. i have changed the fsb to 133 to get a 1737, but the multiplier is locked. If im not mistaken, in order to get a 2600, i need to get a multiplier of 19.5? how do i change that? is there a setting that disables the muliplier?
The 2.6ghrz P4 has 533FSB. So would that be 133 for the multiplier? or would it be 266? :)

I'm not an Intel user but that's how the Athlon XP's work. If you want 333FSB for a barton you set the multiplier to 166. Or if you want a 400FSB barton, you set the multiplier to 200.
hmm still no reply? i dont know either, im an AMD user...Intel users pls come....promisse not to diss you guys again...eeks

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