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Correct Graphics Card Drivers? Anybody?



I have a Hercules 3D Prophet GeForce 2 MX 64 MB graphics card, but the only drivers avialable from the official Hercules web site that are compatible with Win Xp, are the nvidia refferance drivers, aka Denonator Xp 21.83. These drivers work fine with my graphics card, but recognises my card as a GeForce MX 200/ MX 400, and as only having 32 MB gaphics, and give me considerbly bad graphics.

I've tried all the latest Leaked Denornators, but they also gave the same problem. I then installed very latest detornator leaked driver, 27.70, and the Adapter Information section in the Advanced Settings part of the Display Properties recognised my card as having 64 MB graphics, but everytime I tried to bench mark it using 3DMark 2001 SE, my copmputer rebooted automatically, and it even rebooted sometimes when I was in the middle of doing things. :eek:

When I reinstalled the same driver, it recognosed my graphics card as only having 16 MB graphics, this time, and still crashed. :confused:

I then rolled back to the offical detornator 21.83, but this driver also recognised my card as only have 16 MB graphics this time, and it also made my PC crash. :confused:

I then installed the official Microsoft driver from the Windows Update site, and the grphics are back to 32 MB , but still are of bad quality.

Have I been ripped off by Hercules, into buying a 64 MB graphics card, only for them not to provide any drivers for it which are compatible with Win Xp ?!?

Does anyone know how I can make my graphics card be recodnised as a 64 MB graphics card, and get my money's worth of Quality Graphics ?!? :mad: :mad:


Check the upper left corner (BIOS info of your Hercules) when you turn up the machine, make sure you have 64MB, or you get rip off by Hercules. :D (which shouldn't be the case)

Otherwise, I would do a clean installation of XP. That should solve the problem you have. ;)



When my PC boots, it does say that the graphics card is Hercules 3D Prophet GeForce ll MX 64 MB. Thanks for both of your help, anyway. I'm going to try the new Officail detornators, 28.32, and check them out. I'll check these out, and see what happens.


Dont Trust Hercules!!!

See below for the Grphics card I have, with thier last official driver release I got the discription of my graphics card as having 32 MB grpchics, when it has 64 MB, but with this one I get only 16 MB graphics. I know that it is the latest one, the fixxed one, and not the wrong one that they put up before.

Any one got any sugestuons?

Never buy a grphics card from Hercules, they'll sell you the card, and then they'll treat you like dogs. They'll point you in every other dirrection, but but wont admit there the ones to balme.


Mine is Hercules MX too, but with 32MB, I have had no problem whatsoever. I notice that you can upgrade the BIOS of the Video card to the latest one. Check www.hercules.com

Again, it's always a problem when you install or overwrite the existing drivers with the new one. It's a pain to delete those driver files individually and those unistall programs never seem to work very well. :mad:

I urge you to do a clean installation of the Windows XP Pro and see what happen. ;)

Oh...just check the site and the BIOS update is not applicable for your MX 64MB card. :( I think a clean installation should solved the problem...as far as I know.:rolleyes:


Well, I had to format my harddrive anyway, for some other reasons, and then I done a clean installetion of Win Xp.

I uninstalled the driver for my graphics card, the default Win Xp one, and then installed the detornators after the next reboot, before the default Win Xp drivers were installed, and my graphics card was recognised as a 16 MB. :mad:

After my next boot, my card is recognised as a 32 MB graphics card, so I create a system restore point. :)

After another boot, my graphics card is recognised as a 64 MB card. :D

After another boot, the MB of graphics is back down to 32.

Another boot, and 16 MB.

Another boot, and 64 MB.

With the defult Win Xp drivers, the same thing used to happen, at this moment I have 32 MB, and the last time I had 16 MB.

I dont know whats happening, but the graphics card seems to be recognised as having different amounts of memory each time I boot. I've noticed that it is 45% of the time it is 32 MB, 35% of the time, 16 MB, and 20% of the time 64% MB. :confused: :confused:


Is it possible for you to contact the Hercules to report this problem? Hopefully they can replace yours if not give them back and upgrade to GF3 or GF4 or whatever you want. :p

I remember I bought this card with a nice person on the phone, so you might give them a call with regards to this problem. :rolleyes:

From you explaination, looks like it's something wrong with the graphics card, may be it's BIOS was corrupted (if there is one?) :eek: :confused:


Hello Hercules

I may as well try that, I've been thinking about it, but never actually checked what my card was been recognised as before, not until recently.

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