core stepping guide?


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no i should have been more clear. like a guide that shows you whoat core steppings are the best for overclocking. like how the cbbe1( i think) is the best stepping for the 165 and you can expect 2.6 - 3 ghz.

is there any thing like this?
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There is no guide for what core steppings are the best. Sorry... with AMD processors, it was usually the CG cores, but that has long since changed since the release of I believe the Winchester Core.


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I'm an active member of another forum and there is a lot of info on steppings. If you tell me which AMD chips you're interested in I could most likely answer your question. As for the Opteron 165, the CCB1E stepping is pretty good and it should clock to about 2.7 on stock voltage, and 2.8 at around 1.55 vcore. Some people have theirs up to 3GHz but then again they are usually on water or phase-change. Once you start hitting 2.8 on Air (even with a lapped ThermalTake Big Typhoon) you're pretty much limited by temp. Also, the CCBBE stepping is pretty good but I think it runs a bit hotter. I'm pretty sure it's a better stepping for water/phase overclocking, though.

What other chips are you interested in?


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It seems to me like that particular model should be good to at least 2.6 GHz. You may be lucky and hit 2.7-2.8 GHz but you'll have to raise the vCore to at least 1.6-1.7 Volts. Also, you might need really good cooling because you might get limited by temps at that high of a vCore. What kind of RAM do you have?


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Remember to lower your HTT to 3x and I would see if your RAM 1:1 all the way. At least to DDR510 (Hopefully). Maybe raise the DRAM voltage to 2.8 to achieve this. CL2 DDR400 performs about the same as CL3 DDR500 so it would be nice to get a 1:1. I believe it puts less stress on your LDT Bus when it runs 1:1 too, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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