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Copy Machine Information

im trying to find a website that has information on Copy Machine. I want to teach a few people, including myself how to work a machine and do what i want it to do.

anything with simple information like "1-1" is a single sided original to single sided copy, 2-2 is a double sided original to double sided copy, etc.

i googled with no luck, also yahoo'd it. no go there either.

this was the best forum i could find for this post


Blame me for the RAZR's
support forums for the brand of machine? just a guess. understnad that big copy machines companys like xerox and high end HP make alot of money of the repair and maint side. so it may not be that easy to find such info.
nah, we finally found the manual. and we also downloaded one off the site. 60mbs of hard core info.

but my first post was mainly about general info. not fixing copy machines, just learning the ways to print and auto-staple, etc.

thanks for the replies though guys.

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