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omg its nlm

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10 Jan 2004
Anyone heard of it? Good Bad? I have a user that is having issues with his computer (about 80 processes running) and he says he uses it all the time. I have never heard of it. Any pros and cons to it?

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I haven't used it myself, but I have seen comparison reviews and apparently it is a rather nice product. Considered right up there if not better than Google or WDS, at least according to the perspective of reviewers (Maximum PC I think it was)
I've used Copernic for awhile. I prefer it to Google Desktop Search, Windows Desktop Search, etc. Copernic has been around for ages.

I will say that the v1 releases of Copernic seemed to be more responsive, IMO. The v2 release doesn't seem to like indexing my Eudora mail. It doesn't correctly show the dates for the emails.

As far as a general desktop search application I'd definitely use it before I'd use others.

Is it the desktop search or Copernic Agent Professional v6.12.722?

The latter is brill used it for 8 years now.

Desktop search is better than M$ version.
Copernic.. didn't they used to have a web browser? Back in the late 1990's I remember using it!

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