Coolmaster Fan is orange, but I see as green :S



I ordered a fan from OCUK and it was a coolmaster fan and I chose the colour as orange. Great. It come through the post today, I only ordered it on Sunday, We (me and dad) haven't had time to embed it into the side panel yet but when I get that done Ill post some pictures. Trouble is me, dad and mum are having an argumen't, Mum & Dad say the fan is orange (correct, colour on packaging), but me reckon it is luminess green (like power LED, green).

I ok with the colour and all that and I don't want to send it back. I just wan't to know if any unuseal cases like this have happened in the past. I'm not sending it back, if I get a blue one it will probebly be orange, go figure.

I must be slightly colourblind, Nooooo.

Pics comeing soon.


Finaly got the image upload to server from Dad's camera. I can see it as Orange on the computer.



Way too much time here...
I get mixed up between purple and orange. It seems to be a family thing, getting the wrong name for the (hopefully) right thing.

I see it as orange, it registers as orange, I say "HA HA, not this time you tricky thing!!", and say purple. Then my gf calls me on it and I laugh at me.


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