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which way should the fan run on a heat sink suck or blow and i don't think my case is very good for cooling any body know any good but budget price ones thanks

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The fan is most effective blowing down on the heatsink:) sont know bought cases atm:cool:


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The average budget case will provide sufficient cooling...if your going to buy one first make sure it has at least a 300w PSU with decent air vents in it.

Also look inside the case if the front bottom as most cases allow you to install an additional cooling fan there.

Also try to get a case with the power supply in the horizontal position so its above the Cpu cooler and not impeding air flow.

Finally check to see if you can add an additional fan or even 2 fans at the back of the tower just under the PSU to the left.

With the front bottom fan blowing into the case and the rear fans sucking out you should get a decent amount of air flow through your case thus cooling your pc down a few degrees.


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Kev are you thinking of buying online or at a local shop/computer fair.

If online i will look for a good value one (Uk myself)....if shop or fair then there are so many different makes/brands most are very similar inside you cannot make too much of a mistake when buying one...just make sure it will take a ATX motherboard inside it.


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Sorry for the delay (long day at work) i went to CCL Computers 1st as i buy alot of products of them (i live near) but i have also bought online off them (they take telephone orders to) and cannot fault them !,i have included a link to the price list Here look under the section > Cases < then have a look at the Nokia style ones i have used these many times and they have given me no problems in the past....they are well built and the PSU is fine.

Also there are photos of the cases and you will be able to see where additional fans can be fixed. Also they stock the nokia cases with transparent side doors which comes with an additional cooling fan on the door...all that for £36.45 (Transparent door)(Non Transparent door £27.19) +£5.50 delivery.
They come in either silver or blue, if you do not like any of those listed i will have a look else where.

Link to Main page Here


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I have bought from E-Buyer before and all went very well (not bought any cases) from what i can see looking at there cases under the title "entry level midi" is that they are very cheap and look ok....plenty to look at !!....some look very similar to the budjet cases i have bought in the past from computer fairs and nearly all have been fine.

I do not expect the PSU to be great at that price but you can only try it and find out..yes

Delivery charge for a case on E-Buyer is £5.99.

Oops forgot the link to E-buyer cases Linkage
ive used quite a few times for various things. never bought a case from them, because they tend to be a bit ugly imo (diff people have diff thoughts though). also, ive bought from - not the nicest looking site, but its not far from where I live and I've bought a few things from them. Final shops I know of are (good lads who run the shop - its by my mums house in liverpool - prices are sometimes a bit steep but its worth looking) and also check at

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