Coolest Screen Saver Poll


I may actually be insane.
"(none)" .. I'm not a screen saver person myself, I'm either at my computer or the monitor is switched off ;)

The GL ones that NetRyder posted a while back where nice though, I don't have a link/info because of my hdd crash.


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screensaver, screensaver, who needs a stinkin screen saver! LOL

I personally don't use them as ghosting is no longer a real problem, but the best one I have ever saw was a totally realistic aqarium ^sp screen saver. It was so real looking I thought it was a tank and thought how cool, they made a tank inside a monitor!
i dont use one, monitor is off. but when i used to use one. i used my the bounch, wobbly (whatever) reflective text one. i had it say 'dubstar' then i switched it to 'nerdBox' and i went off and on with that. but i just switch the monitor off now'days.
I too don't have a screensaver running just monitor off....i have a few installed just to show off if friends or family are going to be using the pc.

My fave is Aquarium which comes with Xp Plus package or the full version with lots of fishies which you have to pay for HERE .

But if i want to show of i have DreamRender running (which is animated wallpaper) look HERE set up right it looks great...but when i am on the pc i turn it back off;) as i find it a distraction.


I may actually be insane.
Ugh, Dreamrender, despise that app, I beta tested it years ago, and it spooged evilness all over my hdd and I lost a tonne of files.

I know the guy who's uncle made it, and he's a complete arse, so I stay away from it now :p
The old version was just nasty but the new one seems ok...i think i am in control of it:blink:

Oh and so is Bill Gates but we still pay good money to him:huh: