Coolermaster Aero 7+


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Anyone tried the above fan for cooling Pentium & Barton 2800+ to 3200+ and beyond ?
Brilliant fan that cools my overclocked 2225.00 system to 35c from 49c previously.
External control knob for 1900 to 3500 rpm adjustment.
Smart design.

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Due to folding@home my 3000+ is always betwen 50-60 atm
My 2400+ was normally around 30, so I am not sure if I have the themrmal stuff on quite right, but I am not too worried at the moment.
I have the Lite version (exactly th esame except for literally a lighter heatsink) and my 3000+ sits at 42ºC :D
But that is with 3 case fans and a dual fan PSU.


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Funny situation .............with 5 case fans of which 2 blow directly 2-3 inches from Coolermaster, the System temp is about 5 C above the CPU temp ! (38 to 33C Average)
Probably due to the air distribution of these 2 fans being partly obscured by the Coolermaster.

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