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im thinking of buying a 4200 x2 cpu but the only thing its oem only .i was wondering if a box standard amd fan /cooler that i use on my 3700 would be okay or not :nervous:
Both Toledo cores?

Probably not a good idea. They both run at the same clock speed with the same total cache so power dissipation will be higher in the dual core, but not twice as high.

If the 3700 is a claw hammer then it might be ok. The older, larger geometry clawhammer chips used more power.

I'd look for a cheaper aftermarket HSF instead of risking it. You should be able to find one for under $20.

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It should probably work.

My 4400+ ran cooler than my old 3400+.

I would probably consider investing in an aftermarket cooling solution if you find the temps are on the high side.

I haven't had a single issue thus far with my proc, but I am using a zalman cooler :) Its just quieter.

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