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Cooler needed . What model ?


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Need urgent help . I need a cooler for my Athlon 1.1 Ghz that runs at 52 degrees . I thought at that DualCooler from Titan ( 14,6$ here ) but i really need something that will decrease temperature , something performant and not so noisy
Momentainly i have an SCS 7500 RPM - really noisy .
Pictures&Prices will be aprecciated . Thanks for all !
it really does help if the room is cooled. Thats why I bought an AC for the server room seperatly. Beats the hell out of my central air.


the Noise Control Silverado i use is fairly decent.....however it is not really meant for overclocking purposes....it is more geared towards noise reduction ......at full load i reach 55c max....idle around 48......keep in mind tho, my room is an oven and im sure id have lower temps if not for room temp.......

gonna try a akasa silver mountain 2 with an 80-60 fan adapter see if that helps even more with noise....i dont overclock so not overly concerned about cooling.......anything below 60 im comfortable


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well i have a coolmaster superheat pipe and it keeps my system around 39 whateva im doin or maybe u should get a Globalwin CAK38-11 seens u have a 1.1ghz.


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The main problem is that the source covers (1/4) the cooler and in this morning i've tested temperatures with source out , 45 degrees on CPU & 32 degrees on system . What can i say now , I must choose between a 60x60x10 cooler or not an vertical source case .
I also have a slot cooler ( SCS ) . I've searched also some coolers and found something really interesting - what do you think , will resolv my problem ?


I had a volcano 7+ on my old system, AMD 2000+ with central air which keeps it at a nice 68 Degrees down here. Even though it was that cool and with the volcano 7+ on high, it still ran at 52C.

I have built systems for people, and used the stock HSF that came with boxed AMD 1800+XP and those systems run at 45C & they are quiet!

My current cpu runs at 40C idle 43C load.

52C is a little warn for 1.1 gig, but nothing to panic about.

So if you are going to get a new HSF all I can recommend is get something that is quiet the noisy ones with the higher RPM dont seem to cool any better.

Volcano 7+ on high sounds like a hair dryer.


go for water cooling

Pump: Rio 180, cheap, quiet, and very small = 12$ http://www.graystonecreations.com/acc.htm

Waterblock: The UnaBlock, it's only $15 here http://becooling.safeshopper.com/6/117.htm?83

you'll need something in the water to prevent algae from growing, and prevent corrosion. Normally I'd recommend Water Wetter here $4 http://becooling.safeshopper.com/13/23.htm?53

You'll need a radiator. Go to an auto parts store, and ask for a Heater core for a 1988 Ford Escort with air conditioning. You might want to call around and find the best price, it should be under $20. I'll call it an even $20. They come with 5/8" fittings, you'll need to make adapters. Necessity is the mother of invention, I'm sure you'll figure out how. Also, don't be too picky about which heater core you get, I recommend the Escort heater core only because it's the cheapest and smallest one I've found. If you can get a different one cheaper, or the Escort one is too expensive at your local store, get whatever is cheapest. More than $25 and your getting ripped, less than $20 and you've found the correct one.

While your out around town, stop at the hardware store and pick up 10 feet of 3/8" vinyl hose. That'll run you $2.50

Now you'll need a fan for that radiator get some cheap 120mm fan

Now you'll need a reservoir for that pump. Depends on your budget what you do. You can go to the hardware store and buy a sealed marine electrical junction box for $9, or you can grab a Tupperware container out of your mother's kitchen. Up to you. I'll assume your on a budget and go with Tupperware.

cheap eh :)
around 60-65$

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