Coolbits wont keep settings


6 Apr 2002
I just got a new Msi Geforce FX 5900, installed the 53.03 Dets and ran it a few days @ stock speeds so I could make sure it ran all my games ok. I then used Coolbits to overclock it and upped speeds from 400\850 to 460\960 and it ran with no probs at all. I set it to apply these speeds at start up and rebooted it to make sure every thing was ok, and it was the new speeds were there. But I have noticed that after a shut down the speeds set them selves to 460\850. I have tried 460\940 but still after a shut down it goes back to 460\850. Rebooting and it keeps the settings it just after a shut down. I have used coolbits on my last 4 cards and never had this before. Anyone else had this prob before. I am thinking it might have some thing to do with the twin speed fans only spinning slow at start up. But I am just guessing. Temp of the card is solid at 45C. any ideas. :confused:

This is the card
Its still doing it I have uninsalled the drivers a couple of times, but next day back to 450\850. Auto detect sets the speed at 461\974 but it looses these after a couple of shutdowns.
perhaps nvidia built something into the dets to keep ppl from oc'ing there cards and burning them out?
No Nvida Supports coolbits, it even overclocks the card for you at a safe level, with the new FX cards.
Coolbits is a reg hack that unlocks the speed setting for nvidia cards. Nvidia has put these settings there for peeps to use.

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