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Cool tip - Don't buy computer parts from Dabs.com...


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Unless it's under £99. Wanna know why?

Since BT bought out Dabs.com, the entire Dabs shop is replicated at http://shop.bt.com - the only difference is that all orders over £99 get free delivery! Don't buy from Dabs.com, use the BT shop instead!

It's strange but true - exactly the same stock and prices but with a free delivery option available all the time! How cool is that?



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Dabs used to be great, though not got anything from them for a while as shown by this pc's spec. The HTPC was from scan.co.uk, eclipse computers and htpc specialists though


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Ah the offer must only have been on for March or something. It's ended now and you have to pay postage on both sites. Oh well, at least I bagged myself an EVGA Geforce 9800GTX for £215 inc. postage :) The price has already gone up to £246 and there's £6 postage to go on that!!!

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