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cookies disabled? by connection?


High On Life!
hey guys, this has been getting on my nerves latley and i was ganna post this sooner or later, at school when i try to log in to the osnn.net forum i get a successfully logged in screen then it goes back to the main forum page, and im not logged in, yet it shows me on the active user list, i tried enabling all that had to do with cookies, no avail, so i said maybe its somthing to do with ie here in the school maybe they did somthing to it, so then i got firefox and installed it same thing! but on my teachers personal laptop which is connected to the schools wireless part of the network it works fine. could this be some how disabled by a server or like somthing else, i want to sign in to osnn at school! there are a lot of times i wana reply to something and its soo annoying when u know the answer to someones problems but u have to wait a couple of hours to reply!

ohh btw our school has a proxy server, cuz 99% of connections in saudi are filtered, mine here at home isnt, its vsat through vdsl so im clear of any proxies, but i never had problems signing into osnn from a friends dial up or saudi dsl works fine.


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themafia_69 said:
ohh btw our school has a proxy server
Was just going to ask that. :p Yeah proxy would most likely be your problem with cookies as the proxy would be getting/handling the cookie instead of the machine your sitting at.


High On Life!
if u know what it is i might be able to get access to the server and change it my self, i kinda have admin rights at my school and access, ill have to ask the teachers though, but they wont say no

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