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converting ICOs to hi-res PNGs


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I've got an icon that I want to place in my dock, but the quality is bad and it's not a PNG. Can someone fix me up with a good conversion of this icon, or tell me if there is an easy way to do so?

Note: This was in the ICO format, but I had to change it to upload it.


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Well the easiest way would be to get a trial version of Axialis Iconworkshop and convert it using that. If you can buy the full version, you can actually batch convert icons - very handy if you are using a dock!
Feels like a *duh*, but if you've managed to convert ICO->JPG then JPG->PNG shouldn't be a problem right? Any conversion tool that can handle PNG pretty much. ;)

[edit] But then again, quality and loosing the alpha channel. Never mind! :D


I may actually be insane.
But Y'z is dead :p Long live ObjectDock! *runs away*

And am I alone in pretty muchly hating MobyDock, or does no one else like it? :)
I've never tried MobyDock since it's earliest release, so I wouldn't know. Just using what works well for me.
I believe MobyDock is the only one that uses hardware acceleration though.


I may actually be insane.
It's gone all weird now (in design at least) trying to fit in with XPs look, which isn't exactly why most people want docks, heh.


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, I mean what have ObjectDock done that Y'z didn't, I'm not quite sure on that one. All seems a bit odd :D plus it's not like these three are the only docks out there, there are plenty more, just not as used.

And yeah, I thought MobyDock was a bit of a resource whore too.
I tweaked it a little in photoshop and can do more.

What resolution did you need it at?

Did you want the white slash in the cross bar or solid black?


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Hey LeeJend, thanks for messing with the icon. My best dock icons are 128x128 (I think), that res looks great when magnified on the dock.

Just to clear up any confusion, I don't have a problem with converting the icon into a PNG. I would just like it to be slick-looking (not grainy) like the ones you can get from wincustomize, fooods, etc.

Will Icon Workshop clean up the icon, or simply convert the format and resize it?


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Originally posted by o_87
Well you could go ahead and make one with the 'glossy' effect, but I use IW mainly to convert icons...
OK, but I have Photoshop. Is there any reason to have IW aside from using it to replace icons?


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Yes. That would be converting icons(png to ico, mac to windows, etc). You can actually batch convert icons. For example, I remember converting a mac only icon set with literally hundreds of icons to windows using the batch convert within a few minutes.

And if you plan to make your own icons, resizing them can be a pain in the ass using just Photoshop. With IW this is made very easy too.

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