Converting from FAT32 to NTFS


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6 Jan 2004
Hi, I was reading about converting my Fat32 hard drive to NTFS. It said to goto

Click the "Start" button, and click on "Run"
In the "run" box type "convert <drive> /fs:ntfs" and press "OK".

I have heard that it can cause some problems, like ending up making the hard drive slower in the long run.

I always have 15-20 or more programs open at a time, and I was wondering what file system would be better for my computer.

I am wondering if there are other applications that would convert this for me that are free. That are reliable.

If you have no specific reason to use FAT32 (such as legacy hardware, software, etc), then by all means ... NTFS IS the way to go.
The reason people say converting from FAT32 to NTFS using the "convert" command can potentially cause slowdowns is because it sometimes creates 512b clusters instead of 4K ones. This may not always be the case though. I've seen computers on which the convert command does create 4K clusters, and others on which it doesn't.

The most fool-proof way is to obviously format the partition with the NTFS filesystem. But you could also use PartitionMagic if you want to be sure that you're non-destructively converting to 4K clusters rather than 512b ones.
Hmm. PartitionMagic isn't cheap, is there a place where I could get it cheap, or is there an alternative program that would do a similar thing?
I prefer Acronis Partition Expert...

it's always worked when Partition Magic failed for me.
i have used partition magic 8 several times, always good.
GMeagle86 said:
I did this and followed it, It worked great for me, took a while to complete, but everything seems to be running much smoother. Thanks!

Glad to help. ;)

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