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Converting dvds to mpg2


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whats the best way to extract episodes from a dvd, i have 24 season 5 and i want to somehow convert the episodes into mpg2 form or divx, doesn't really matter which format.

i'm going on a work trip and i don't want to bring along the dvds to watch on my pc, this is my dvd and will only be for my viewing..... unless someone sneaks a look over my shoulder.


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for decrypting the DVD, use Ripit4Me.

DVD's are already mpeg2, you can use DVD Shrink in re-author mode and drag & drop the titles into the compilation. the easiest and fastest method.

for mpeg4, use AutoGK


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no, they will remain as VOBs, but extensions don't matter since .VOB and .MPG are one in the same, they are both extensions for mpeg program streams. you can change them manually to .mpg :)

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