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Converting Apple Audio Format to MP3


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Ok, I don't know what the format is called since I don't use Itunes and even on my Ipod, I use just MP3. I'm guessing AAC? MP4A? MP4? I'm not sure. It's pretty cool though because it has chapters.

What I want to do is convert the whole file into MP3, and perhaps if possible, have separate chapters turn into separate MP3 files. Is there software out there that this is possible with? I've tried dbpoweramp to no avail.

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No DRM wrapper. And yes I can just convert it using dbpoweramp, but I'd like to keep the chapters ... and since the current version of MP3 doesn't support chapters, hopefully there is a piece of software out there that can output MP3 files using the chapters.
well, mp3 is a fairly basic format so you are wanting what exactly, to turn an m4a file into a group of mp3 files each mp3 being a chapter of the m4a file is that right?

its grizzly, but you you could make the whole thing an mp3, then split it manually...


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1) What you want to do is called transcoding and you WILL lose quality in doing so. It is best to keep files in their original format.
2) You are correct, it is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). .MP4, .M4A, .AAC are acceptable extentions. MP4 (MPEG 4 is just a container that contains an AAC stream).
3) Apple only recently added "chaptering" into it's software/hardware, it's kinda a hack of the mp4 standard. AFAIK, there is no other software that supports chapters. If you want to transcode, your best bet is to use a wav editor (www.audacity.com) and then convert.

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