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6 Jan 2004
I have a collection of a number of films on VCR stored in the loft and as a new project I would like to convert them to DVD. I have no idea how this is done and would like some advice please. I still have an old VCR player/recorder (not used for sometime) and I presume I would need some software prog to do this and would like any recommendations.

Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.

You need an analog to digital converter, or you can play your VCR through a digital video camera with analog inputs, then pass it out of the camera via Firewire and into your computer. There's a lot of software out there for this type of thing.
Buy a stand alone DVD recorder and plug your VCR into the AV ports and do it that way. Far easier and a lot less grief. Going through your PC will not enhance the quality either. You need a large HDD as well.
Thanks for your advice, I have a Sony DVD Recorder with my TV could I use that?
I have used my Vivo and Nero to do video capture on a couple tapes, the time spent doing it sucks, unless you want to watch the movie, then it is OK. But the results are good.
Thanks for your advice, I have a Sony DVD Recorder with my TV could I use that?

Yes. I am using a cheapo DVD recorder I got for $50 USD at Walmart and have been amazed at how well it is going. I did some VHS to DVD for work and they came out great. I'm now converting my dying VHS library to DVD.

Use component video (2 cables with rca plugs) if you have it. If no component use Svideo(one cable with multiconductor plug). Last choice is composite video (one cable rca plugs). You can use RF (coax) but it will hurt the quality which will already be suffering.

Once you have it on DVD you can easily edit it (remove commercials, former girl friends, etc) using Windows Movie Maker.

Enjoy, I am.

PS Has Walmart corrupted the EMerald Isles yet? If not prices will run higher. The good news is that DVD blanks are under $1 USD now.
I got my old Sony VHS player out of storage unfortunately it is knackered so I will have to have a look round for one or borrow one from someone.

I haven't seen any Walmart shops around as yet but on checking the web they are one their way. Her indoors tells me that Walmart have taken over Asda in the UK which is a big supermarket chain and as Tesco are opening stores all over Southern Ireland it shoudn't be too long before they get some competition from Asda (Walmart).

I have managed to buy a pack of 25 DVD-R for €10 a good make as well TDK.

Happy Christmas to all.

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Use KWorld DVD Maker USB 2 ( About £20) in conjunction with Movie Maker ( XP version..... Vista version does not support tape copying )
Has Red/white/yellow phonos etc and connects to Computer by USB 2.
I have copied many old Video tapes this way.
Then when the files is saved ,use VSO "Convert X to DVD" converts pretty well any format to disc etc.
Do not forget about commiercial tapes most have macrovision.

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