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Convert console roms to .exe?

Do you know of a program that converts console roms (like NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy) to a single exe? I have seen Neo Geo games conveniently converted to exe files.

It would be nice to have these games as portable files for breaktime at work :)

And you can assume that I own all the games I have roms for.
Why would it violate copyrights? I can have another copy--it's "fair use".

Anyhow, I repeat my original quetstion (no chastisement please :eek: )

Plus the makers of the games are hardly concerned about them (or in some cases, even in business!).
That would be a cool thing to know how to do. I'll search around and see if I can dig anything up, meanwhile maybe somebody else knows the answer and can save me some time.
reguardless if you own the rights to use an item (because you never really OWN software or music or movies) it is still against forum guidelines to as for help with bypassing copywrites and such. Just because your application may seem practical does not mean that it is OK to discuss. But... I guess the Mods will make that decision... Oh well.


Wait a sec, i dont see how this is asking for help "bypassing copyrights". he is asking how to convert files. Whether or not you OWN the jpeg you have doesnt mean its aiding and abbeting to tell him how to convert it to a gif does it?


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this is an iffy topic... :)

however since this is a software help related question... and thus far no forum guidelines have been broken... I will let it stand... see where this goes...

please just double check your links before posting them... if they are in violation... the thread will be closed...

I realise this could push on the copyright laws... but how does the copyright violation laws work the situation when the original is no longer for sale (i.e. C64 games, NES games etc).

I realise it still violates the laws, but I'm sure they wouldnt be so strict over it...
Not to the point they would go after you; no software company could feel that it was worth their time. They would have to prove to the court that they have taken a loss, and it would be impossible. They don't care about the laws so much as they care about their money, and if they're not losing money (e.g. games they don't sell anymore), then they don't give a flying you-know-what.
yeah thats the theory I had... if they're not making money through the sales (not for sale anymore), then they're not losing money through ROMs and emulators etc.


That and the fact that you are helping to revive interest in an old product of theirs which could actually generate cash....
aye definitely, they could make these files into midlets and release them for the java mobile phones :D

mario on my Nokia 6610 would be great


This is a very good question and since Sazar will let it stand, why are we still questioning the copyright laws instead our fellow ntfs buds? Im guessing that renaming it to a .exe file will not work.
the information to do something isnt violating copyright, its the act of doing it that is.

just like how TECHTV did a few segments on hacking into XBOX and adding a mod chip and new hard drive to copy games... its just information....

just like the ol' Jolly Roger Cook Book... just information.

its what you do with it that gets you introuble.


Yes the converter your looking for would actually attach the emulator engine to the rom making it 1 file which has the ext. .exe

Don't know of any such proggie, sorrie...
i did a quick search on google, and i think it can be done manually, but it sounds like a very long and complicated process :confused:
and as far as i know (not that far) there is no program that does it for you
you could re-make the game from scratch with the same graphics and sound :)


perhaps there's a way to do it with winrar i have recieved packages.exe and running them runs an extractor doesn't mean this couldn't be re-routed to run the game or app.

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