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Control Vista Desktop with Wireless 360 Controller

Hey all,

i recently purchased the Microsoft Wireless reciever for windows (Vista), and its really good, specifically on kane and lynch. However i remember seeing a video somewhere of someone controlling there vista desktop, moving mouse up, down etc using nothing more than the wireless 360 controller, does anyone know how this is done, i tried using a program called XPadder or something like that and i could not get it to work. Any help would be great.


Well my pc is my Media centre aswell, but i dont have the media centre remote. I Watch movies at a distance from the pc so the 360 controller would service for basic changing movies, tv shows etc.
If you have a 360 it can connect to a vista media centre. Not sure about an xp media centre.

Transcoder360 (transcoder360.co.uk) will let you playback any movie on the xbox360 too.

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I have seen it used to demonstrate the downloadable version of maps.live.com
and rather cool on a UK Army advert the other day for UAVs.

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