Contract cancelled and I owe BIG money, help?


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21 Jul 2004
What happened takes place like this:

  • Me and a friend got contract phones on same day
  • We used his address for both contracts so they are both in his name (so my bills etc. all go to his address but money comes out from my account)
  • Went fine for a while, money came out of my account each month as planned
  • Got to stage where didn't have the money for it
  • Found out my girlfriend's sister wanted a contract phone
  • I filled out a "Change of Ownership" form
  • Put my girlfriend's sister's bank details etc. on the form as the new owner
  • Sent away form and heard nothing back so paid couple of the further months on the contract although I was not using the phone at all
  • Gave my girlfriend's sister sim card so she could start using it
  • About three or four months passed and I got a text today from my friend whom my contract is under, and it said "Seems your contract has been cancelled. You or your friend [my girlfriend's sister] owes £389.32 to Vodafone"
I am really angry, confused and panicking a bit at the moment. I mean I sent the form and its been ages, I just assumed it all went smoothly and my girlfriends sister was getting charged and I would have nothing to do with it anymore.

Does anyone know what I should do? Any suggestions or advice VERY much appreciated.

Liam Brown

P.S. The contract is with Vodafone, and since I am being honest...I have no clue where the actual contract is (think it is in my house somewhere, but not seen it in a long time)

Thanks again!

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2 Dec 2001
Where you paying the bill between the period you got the letter and the time you originally changed the owner of the sim?

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