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Context Madness?

I'm sick and tired of having a massive context menu, even after trying to clean the menus I don't use out of it, the limited options I have with these programs is frustrating. Does anyone know where these options are stored in the registry; I just need to be pointed in the right direction so I don't have to sift through the entire thing looking for these values.

The values in RED I want to remove and the values in BLUE I want to rename, to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.

This particular context menu if from a mp3 file, once I figure out how to modify this file type the others should be easy enough to change to their appropriate parameters.

Muah, figured it out. I'll post a screener for those of you wanting to do the same.

/edit 5min later

This way is easier than going through the reg, not as absolute but much faster. If you can't figure it out by just looking at the pic then you should probably create a system restore point. :D Also note, no M$hit product context (ie. WMP) can be removed using this method.....

I still wouldn't mind the reg value directions though.


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I always do a search for the exact contextmenu value in the registry.

For example: paintshop pro always adds 'Browse with paintshop pro' value to the context menu. It appears when u right click a folder or a drive. In the registry I search for 'Browse with paintshop pro', and I check 'match whole string only' checkbox.

Another ways is to start up the associated program and go into options. I know WinRar has the context menu options, and it's as easy as unchecking some checkboxes. I think this is the most safe way, coz if u do it through registry or Folder OPtions it is possible that the program will restore it's context menus on the next run.



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