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I am trying to work myself into getting contacts. I have improved on putting eye drops in my eyes and went to the eye doctor today and let them do it to dialate (spell?). Still a little phobia about it. Any beat their fear and know of good ways to make myself get used to stuff in and near the eyes?

I really want to get them for soccer and just random wear instead of glasses.
I had a horrible time with it at first. It would take me a LOOONG time to get my contacts in. For myself, I just told myself that billions of people have done it before me, so why can't I? Eventually, with some time and practice, I got over it. You probably will too.


I play soccer a little and i promised the gf if she would do something for me then i would do something for her.. and she asked for contacts.. So yea.. I feel obligated because she already did hers :( and its something i been wanting to do for a long time just never had the balls to do it. THinking about seeing a hypnotherapist(spell)
It really depends from person to person. I know of several people who had no problems with contacts, and others who had a hard time getting used to them. I personally just wear glasses since I've had them since the age of 11 and they've almost become a part of who I am now. :D

I suggest giving it a try. It's not a permanent committment anyway. You can always go back to wearing glasses if you find contacts uncomfortable.


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Lasers are coming on in leaps and bounds - don;t rush into anything - but do keep an eye on developments! (Sorry for the awful pun!)


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I wear mine and will never go back to glasses.

Do this.

Wash your hands REALLY WELL. Use a hand soap that does NOT have any scent or skin softener in it as they will irratate your eye. Get a bottle of saline soution.

Then the hard part.

Get a couple drops of saline solution on your pointer finger and touch your eye gently.

When you get your contacts remember that they do not hurt and when they are in and fit you cannot feel them.


Hmm that sounds like a good idea steveo I will give it a try tonight.. What about getting them out?? any good ways about that??
I make sure my hands are clean and dry, then pluck them right off my corneas like you would pick a penny off the ground.

I googled for "contact lenses" and here's what I found:


In the beginning......
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Once you get used to putting them in and out you'll be fine, I know I spent neally 45 mins trying to get mine out and then in again the the opticians before they'd let me go with them!

They do feel a little weird to begin with, you are aware you're wearing them, but within a day or so they will be in and you won't even notice them.

I do sometimes notice them if my eyes are a bit tired and I have had them in all day, but the great all round visibility they give you is worth it. I wouldn't go back to glasses now

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