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So this might sound like a weird and personal question.

But how much should one charge for general IT contracting work.

Currently I charge $35 p/h for remote work like phones/telnet/teamviewer etc...

$50 p/h for in office work

$75 p/h for overnight work.

Does this seem fair, too much or too little.

I read on lne a lot of people charge over $100 an hour, which seems ok for hardcore cisco guys, but thats not me.

Currently living in Los Angeles.

Its mostly general networking, but this weekend i'm doing PCI compliance installations which is quite specialized.

Thougths ideas?


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What do the shops in your area charge per hour? As that should give you a idea of what the going rate is. Though for most of the general type stuff your prices seem fine to me


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This all really depends on a lot of factors - location, target market, type of work being done, etc.

I see some places that charge $150-$200/hour (or more) and others that go as low as $30-$50/hour around Chicago. Generally, you get what you pay for so it depends on what skill set you are looking for and what project is being implemented. I've also seen a lot of software development places do fixed price bids and stick to a very strict scope on the project

So, it all depends :)

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