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Constant Corrupt "User"



This problem has plagued me for the longest time and I am finally seeking outside help, something i should have done a while ago.

It has gotten to the point where I don't like rebooting my computer, because when it gets to the Blue XP splash screen a little grey box appears and says the user file is now corrupt. It does not happen EVERY time, but often enough to piss me off. Sometimes I can just reboot and it will be fine, other times.... I need to redo all my Desktop settings.

After starting over fresh and so clean with a desktop with no icons, no bookmarks, no hotkeys, all of my icons just sitting in the folder documents and settings/my name and a new user created right before my eyes with nothing. I would sometimes create shortcuts on my new desktop from the old one to try and recreate it, but everything from my Halflife to ICQ settings were all a bit screwed up. Halflife wanted me to re-enter the CD key I stole from Wal-Mart :(

This would be happening and I would be remaking my icons a few times a week, it was all random. Eventually is would boot up to a blue screen that said something like your system32/windows/config file is either missing or corrupt and I would be unable to get past that part. This typically meant a reformat :(

FINALLY I bought a new hard drive, an 80 GB WD 8mb buffer drive for under 100 bux.. Guess what.. same problem as my 20 GB drive I took out of my case.

I have no idea why this is happening, but I love XP and I don't want to have to go back to 98, anyone have any suggestions? The dude down the hall figured it might be a bios problem and to take out my system clock and boot and put it back in and see if that reset my bios so i did that and it didnt help :p I dont have my motherboard manual and I dont know what exactly my MB is except that it's an Asus supporting my P3 733 w/ a chip of 256 sdram. I pieced this computer together myself and have been upgrading it 3 years now. I almost hit the purchase button on a new Dell today but I figured I'd ask ya'll. So help if you can :p


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