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console on PC monitor


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Well.... this was a rather hard decision on where to post this thread.... since it could be linked in some way to at least 2 or 3 other topics too.

As you may or may not know.... i recently purchased a Gateway FPD2185W Widescreen HD LCD monitor. earlier today..... got bored after getting home from work, and started messin with stuff. hooked my Gamecube up to the monitor, and started to play it a bit.

My question is...... what would i have to change, be it on the monitor, or on the console, so that the picture won't look so crappy? i know consoles are usually meant for regular TV's (really low resolution.... not 1680x1050), but i know that people have more than likely done this and had good quality. could it just be because it's also a High Definition Widescreen? didn't look like it stretched the size at all..... didn't really look at that.

The way i had it connected..... had the GC connected to the monitor with the s-video cable (wish i had the component video adapter for it.... but with Revolution a moderately short ways away.... don't see a point to paying close to $50 for it), and used a male-to-male RCA wire, with an RCA-to-headphone plug (forget the name of the actual plug) and plugged that into the line-in jack on my Audigy 2 ZS.


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i have also hooked up my console to my pc monitor and gotten a really crappy picture...would also greatly apreciate an answer to this problem


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sorry to tell you game consoles by their very nature will look crappy on a high-end monitor and it doesnt matter if it is LCD or analog.. they simply do not put out the graphics in a higher resolution for you to take advantage of it...


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but isn't there something we can change on the monitor to make it look..... well........... not so crappy? i coulda swore i've seen people do it already.
Well I'm not sure about the "just passing" gen consoles (GC, Xbox, PS2) i dont think they had the idea of such high res when they made those consoles. However now that the HD era is here the 360 gladly supports monitors to their fullest with the HDVGA cable for $40 US. This piece of equipment really exicted me because I didnt want to throw down the cash for an HDTV just yet but I wasnt quite happy with my old tv. It's especially good if you have your pc in your DVI slot making for easy switch between pc and 360.



The One and Only
yeah...... i'm waitin for Revolution to be my next console purchase. never was interested in 360.... probably never really will be (only a few games i really wanna play on it...... not worth $300 + the games).


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well also thx for the help...i wasnt really looking inot getting a new console or anything...just to be able to rig it somehow to be able to support my ps2...but i guess it cant be done...thx anyways

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