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i use netzero as an internet connection (so embarassing) on a 56k (very embarassing) on my 2nd computer... anyways everytime i connect the two blinking monitors on the taskbar won't show unless i check the show connections. i tried other local dial up isp and it works fine but when i tried netzero again it's still the same thing....no blinking lights!! help pls

i'm use win xp pro and logs on as administrator

PLS don't tell me to get dsl or cable.....i have dsl on my fav. computer and don't tell me to share it with my 2nd comp. cuz im too lazy to connect them


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lol you spent alll that money on a DSL connection and you cant be bouthered to go out and get a Cheep NIC, :| they arnt that expensive and CAT5 cable is cheep to. be a good boy and network your 2 pcs and enjoy the joys of networking and playing online games while your friends in the same room.


ye netzero is free..but still i don't want to put dsl on the 2nd comp. cuz it has to be kid friendly....i don't want kids downloading large inappropriate files.....they can't do nothin on 56k...so dsl stays with my comp...hehe


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well thats makin use of the narrow bandwidth connection and there is still enough left to surf here now thats cool

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