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Connection trouble


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I have two friends that are both experiencing problems with their connections

The first recently formatted and installed XP. He connected his DPX100 via USB and installed the webstar drivers supplied. Unfortunately his computer now restarts whenever his modem is connected within a few minutes of booting. I tried installing various drivers for him but none of them solve the problem, before 5 minutes pass he reconnects, sometimes with a BSOD. I took my laptop (XP, SP1) to his house and connected his modem to it and I was able to connect without any problems, my laptop also seemed to be able to find drivers for the modem without me supplying any

The second friend has the same DPX100 modem, also connected via USB to a XP machine. He formatted two weeks ago and his computer did not pick up his modem, he rang up BY support and they sent a 'refresher signal' and immediately it worked fine. Abruptly the other day his connection stopped working. Again I took my laptop and was able to connect absolutely fine through his modem. When phoning BY support they said he needed to reinstall his modem but I also supplied various drivers for him but without any success

Does anyone have any suggestions for either of them?

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