Connection dies suddenly...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Loi le Beau, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    my connection dies suddenly after 2or 3 minutes after i connected to internet.. i tried 3 different net accounts .. and still have the same problem.. i ve got a program called BeFaster.. i'm using it.. when my connection stops it pings it and the connection starts to work again..
    however after 2or 3 minutes it dies again... my modem is hp usb 56k v.90
    help me please!
  2. Henyman

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    i have had a similar prob...not sure why. i use Aol. ocasionally aol sudenly totaly closes meaning i loose the conection. i open aol + redial up + all is fine. it's a pain in the a$$ to say the least.

    i got firewall + done virus scan but nuthin:(

    only jus started hapenin but i ain't made any changes etc.
  3. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    but i can make my connection works without re-dialin up... my net accounts work great on my other pc.. however on this pc they die after 2 or 3 mins .. i think that problem is related with my modem..
  4. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    hmm mine jus dies:(:(
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    See if you can 'borrow' a friends isp for a few minutes & see if the problem remains. If not get a new isp.
  6. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    i've got 3 different isp.. problem is not isp... something else..
  7. farseeker

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    I have this problem too, with Optusnet and iPrimus. Perhaps its the phone line, or the cable between the wall socket and the computer? Noise on the line can be disasterous. Your telco should run a test for free for you and fix it if it's not good.

    It could also be something else, but it's worth a check out.
  8. Syedur

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    I think the problem is USB ports here...

    If you are using USB port network devices, your computer shuts off the USB port to save power... another one of those stupid power managements.

    Go to your Device Manger (My computer > propterties > Hardware > Device Manager) Network Adapters > properties of the network adapter that you are having problem with > Power Management > Uncheck allow this computer to turn off the device to save power...

    That should fix the problem... if not... let me know :)

  9. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    problem hasn't been solved my friend Syedur...
  10. iowaboy

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    Iowa, USA
    What modem are you using? The problem may be noise on the line or just the modem is connecting to fast. You may need to slow down the modem a little to a more stable connection.
  11. Loi le Beau

    Loi le Beau Guest

    i tried.. nothing's changed...