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5 Mar 2002
Ok , this is my "easy option" out. I have two wireless routers NETGEAR DG834PN which is setup to my main PC for a network and internet access. The kids want to used there PS2 online. So instead of running and cable a mile around the house, could i connect the linksys router to the PS2 using cable and get it to connect to the NETGEAR router to access the internet. If so how easy would it be. I have also got a USB wireless dongle thing as well but believe the PS2 usbs don't work for that.
The standard wifi router generally can't do this by default. If its the correct model (can't think of it atm) you can try a third party firmware.

But as it stands, no it isn't possible. To accomplish this you will need what's called a wireless bridge.
Like Admiral said, it depends on the Linksys model.

If it's an old, spare router give a hack a shot. That link above is just one of many. Hacking routers for improved range, features, bridges is a major hobbyist market.

Google "hacking linksys bridge"

Forget USB dongles/etehrnet converters/etc they are very limited in capability. I've played with a few for fun.
The second router would have to be turned into anb access point. You would have to hook up the router to your pc, then access the setup options, usually an address similar to or, and switch it from a gateway to an access point.

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