connecting to two mysql databases...

$connection_one = mysql_connect("server1","user","pass");
$connection_two = mysql_connect("server2","user,"pass");


mysql_query("SELECT * FROM bla1",$connection_one);
mysql_query("SELECT * FROM bla2",$connection_two);

This should work. Theoratically that is, because I have never tried it.
ok I'll give it a shot, I am pretty sure I have tried this in the past, but I might have done something wrong then ;)

I'll edit this post if it works or not...
*waits* I am curious myself, I might need it too in the future.
yep it works. here is the connect code I used with passwords etc removed ;)

$conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "username", "password");
mysql_select_db("database_1_name", $conn);
mysql_select_db("database_2_name", $conn);

you can see this in effect at the top 2 rows of usernames were pulled from a seperate database that I use for the staff backend, and the huge list below it is the list of forum usernames
sorry took so long to reply.

anyway, you can do it by connecting to the database you want to execute the query on before the query is executed. That's the only way ive been able to get it to work correctly



mysql_db_select, it allows you to specify a DB connection to use.

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