Connecting to a domain in WinXP?



I'm considering upgrading my Win2k machine to WinXP. However, I've heard that you need to type in your username and pasword to access your domain, and are no longer able to access it "anonymously"... (ie simply connnect to the domain and only type in a username and password to access personal home directory files).

Is this the case? There are multiple users on this computer, and I dont want them all connecting as me!! Also, I still rather log-on anonymously, because I am tunneling the proxy server ;)
First off, make sure to get Professional, because XP Home does not have Domain connectivity. A way to limit access to a domain without giving it to all users is to just join a workgroup rather than a domain. Then if you need to access computers/services with domain privaleges, it will prompt you for your domain username and password.

so basically if I join the workgroup, not the domain, all should be the same and will still have the same network connectivity as I had in win2k?
Yes. I have a laptop running XP Pro (only XP on the LAN) on my Win2k domain at work. This works with no problems.

thank you very much - thats perfect... but one thing im slightly confused about is that I thought that the machine got the internal DNS server from logging on to the domain? so if I want to ping internal IP address, will it still work?

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