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Connecting directly either of two PC by dsl modem


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Hi Mate ,
New to netwroking . Recently i have got my two rooms laid with CAT6 . These two rooms are connected back to the third room through CAT6 . The thrid room acts as input for these two rooms for internet connection. The thrid room has got the DSL modem and a patch panel near the modem with leads to two rooms. Now I connected the o/p of dsl modem to one of the input of patch panel which leads to one of the two rooms. Now I connect the PC in the other room with a patch cable from this outlet .But I cannot access internet in this way from the room. But when directly connnected to dsl modem it works . The cable between the the rooms is tested ok.
Where I am going wrong. I dont know .
Remember I have connected the DSL modem to only one PC at the moment , but in a different fashion, i.e modem o/p through patch to the outlet of the room and through the patch cable to the PC .
Could some one suggest me the solution.




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Sounds like a break in the line somewhere.
When connected go to start-run-and type CMD, then type IPconfig > do you get a 169.X.x.x or Media disconnected, or do you get an IP. Try Pinging if you have an IP. 169 means you are not getting an IP from the modem.

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