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connecting 2pcs via usb?

i just built myself a new computer, and i have some important files and program installers on this older computer that id like to transfer to the other new computer.

both have usb 2.0 posts on the front, and i was wondering if it was possible to connect one to the other this way, so i can transfer these few files onto the other computer. a few of the files are too big to fit on cd btw, hense asking.



NTFS Stoner
u need a usb network cable, costs about three times the price of 2 £6 network cards & a £3 crossover cable.

there is no way to just hook up a usb lead and transfer files.
Or you could just pull the HD out of the old machine, set its jumper to slave, set jumper in new machine to master and copy all your data onto the HD.

Make sure not to copy the operating system over that gets messy.
i dont want to be spending much money you see, since i want to set up a wireless network in the future.

ill just remove the hard drive i think, transfer what i need them put it all back together. pain in the ass, but cheap.


NTFS Stoner
Originally posted by dreamliner77
stupid question, but instead of a crossover usb cable, could you use 2 usb cables and a hub to network 2 computers?
so many ask if there is a way round, not 1 as of yet, and they say its not possible.


hardware monkey
usb was not meant to network computers. that's the reason why all usb cables have A/B ends (rectangle/square). they don't want people trying to plug each end into a seperate computer. it won't work, even with a hub.
i just got the idea as i can connect removable hard drives via usb, why not my internal one?

i cant get the hdd out of the old pc, so im just going to have to redownload the vitals, burn what i can, and send the other files when i get the network set up.

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