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connectin two computers via firewire in xp pro




i've looked on microsoft.com and in the help url's located in the rules of this forum. still no luck :(

i'm trying to do a very simple connect between two laptops with a firewire cable. one computer is firewire enabled, the other has a pcmcia firewire card.

sadly, i've done this before and it worked like candy, i didn't have to touch anything and the instant i hooked up the firewire cable, i saw the shared folders popup and bam.

but i've formatted one of the hd's since and reinstalled xp pro. and now whenever i try, nothing happens. the firewire connection is working (the little notification is in the taskbar saying my ieee 1394 connect is up), but i can't see any of the shared folders on the other computer. that is, i can only see shared folders on each computer, but not shared folders on the OTHER computer.

i'm clueless what to do. help / support included with xp, is pathetic. no help whatsoever.

can someone give me a pointer where i might be going wrong? or how i can further test where the problem might be?

thank you!


Try running the Network setup Wizard in XP on both computers. Maybe that will help.

Also try to re-enable the shared foldes on all PC's.


thanks for the advice, gizzy, but that wouldn't work. i've tried all those. secondly, network setup is just for networks, i'm just trying to do a small connection between two computers, no printers, nothing but two computers talking, no internet.



still need help, but i've found a few things which may mean something to some educated person that could possibly make light of the situation?

after doing some digging around, i checked out the "1394 connection status" windows. on one computer, packets were being sent and received equally (ie, 10 sent, 10 received), but on the other laptop, packets were received, but not sent... ie, 0 sent, 10 received.

what, if anything, does this mean? and how can it help me sort out my firewire connection between the two laptops? anyone?
... or just make sure their IP:s are in the same subnet (xxx.xxx.xxx.*) and both computers are in the same Workgroup manually.


hmm, i'm still confused guys. i do appreciate your help, but i'd appreciate some clarifications as i'm apparently a dolt on this topic.

first of all, your suggestions doesn't make much sense to me. why did this work without me having to do anything more than plug the cable between the two computers about a month ago?

secondly, i take it i can't just enter in random ip/subnet info. where do i get this info?


*bump* help please? posted this 5 days ago and still can't get it working... i thought you guys were XP-erts? :)

XP can be so inconsistent :(
Computer 1:
Workgroup: Whatever you want

Computer 2:
Workgroup: Same as above

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