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Connected to ISP but No Modem found?



Hi, Everyone: I went to the XP PC Doctor and ran some test on this pc and I failed the detect Modem test even though i am on the internet and i tried to send the results to HP Instant Request and that runs another test before you can send it to them and that failed too, it said Please connect to your isp and try again,. your modem was not detected! What is wrong, Why is my pc not recognizing my Modem when its on? I am on the internet while i am writting this letter but it still says no modem? Any Idea's from any one on how to correct this?


I think that's normal. Most of the modem test programs I have
run in the past need exclusive access to your modem, so if you're
online, they won't work.

No sure about XP's test though.


Simply to test the Modem Maybe, but I cannot send message to HP because its stating that i am not on the internet when i am on it! I went into Modem Properties and its says everything is ENABLED AND WORKING But My Computer is still saying i am NOT on the internet? Even when i went into Command Prompt and tried to Ping the address's it said I HAVE TO BE ON THE INTERNET TO TEST WITH PING! I dont understand what is happening, if any one knows or has any idea's please let me know.


OK, Guys i found the answer Thanks EPletive, after alot of searching thru my pc and here is what the problem was in case someone gets Zone alarm or another firewall installed>> It FAILED THE MODEM Test because i did not give Permission to Zone alarm to allow access to and from my pc and also i had to DISABLE Call Waiting in the Phone and Modem Properties, and after doing these two things my pc past the Modem test ok! NOW the only Problem i have is to find out Why my FLOPPY disk FAILED THE Linear Seek,Random Seek, Funnel Seek, and the Surface Scan Tests? Maybe it is a Bad Floppy disk, so i will buy others and see if they pass or fail! If anyone else has given your Floppy disk this Test in the PC-DOCTOR FOR WINDOWSXP built into your XP Computer and failed, Maybe you can let me know WHY? TOM

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