Connect to PC with Win98 OS


Just upgrade from 98 to XP.
I need to connect to other PC with win98 installed.
How can I connect it?
should I need to install NetBeui protocol(it is installed on win98).

thank you.
No, just install TCP/IP on both computer (installed by default in XP, should be there in 98 as well). Keep the computer on the same subnet (IP same up to third number) and in the same workgroup.


You're challenging me man! :D
Ok, actually that would define a 24bit subnet mask for a class C IP address.
Second time you got closer anyway.

Kiddin'... don't take it bad... At work I'm surrounded by people who joke me around for weeks if I happen to talk like a human being sometimes.
I'm on to Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) administration these days, I'm almost out of mind (working day is not over yet).

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